Class 5 SST Chapter 10 Question Answers

Class 5 SST Chapter 10 Question Answers

Class 5 SST Chapter 10 Question Answers
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A. Identify the means of communication from the following clues:

  1. Copies of the document sent through this machine reach instantly: Fax Machine.
  2. The most popular method of sending spoken messages: Telephone.
  3. You require a computer and an internet connection to send such messages: Email.
  4. The cheapest means of mass communication: Radio.
  5. The most popular means of mass communication: Television.
  6. Information Superhighway: Internet
  7. Documentary films: Cinema.

Class 5 SST Chapter 10 Question Answers – True or False

  1. Mass communication became possible after printing was invented. True
  2. Email is delivered to the receiver as fast as a copy of a document sent through a fax machine. True
  3. The most popular means of mass communication is the television. True
  4. Television signals are sent to far away places through satellites. True
  5. The internet can not be used for mass communication. False

Class 5 SST Chapter 10 Question Answers

  1. How did early humans communicate with each other?
    Answer: Pigeons and Horses were used to sent messages for long distances.
  2. What made it possible for humans to become better communicators than animals?
    Answer: Humans created words and languages because of the superior intelligence than animals. Language made it easy for better communication.
  3. What is mass communication?
    Answer: Sharing information with many people at the same time.
  4. List the three means by which you can send a written message to another person.
    Answer: Letters, Emails, SMS, Fax etc.
  5. Name four means of mass communication.
    Answer: Print Media, Radio, Cinema, Television, Internet, Social Networking etc.
  6. Why is television the most popular means of mass communication?
    Answer: Television has both sound and pictures. It offers variety of programmes to the viewers. Most of the people watch television for their entertainment, news, education etc. Therefore television became the most popular means of mass communication.
  7. Why is the internet called the ‘Information Superhighway’?
    Answer: Because Information can be sent around world in very fast and efficient way.
  8. How did satellites improve communication?
    Answer: Satellites help us to send the information (signals) all over the world. It is difficult to send signals directly to the places due the roundness of the earth. Messages are sent to satellites and satellites send these signals back to places in the large areas.

Class 5 SST Chapter 10 Question Answers – MCQs

  1. Which of these is a method of mass communication?
    (A) Letter
    (B) Telephone
    (C) Radio
    (D) E-mail
  2. Which of these is known as the Information Superhighway?
    (A) Television
    (B) Internet
    (C) Radio
    (D) All of these
  3. Who invented printing?
    (A) Johann Gutenberg
    (B) Gugliemo Marconi
    (C) John Logie Baird
    (D)  Alexander Graham Bell
  4. Which of these is used both for individual communication as well as for mass communication?
    (A) Radio
    (B) Television
    (C) Internet
    (D) All of these

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