Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers Easy

Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers from Maps

Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers – Fill in the blanks

  1. An Atlas is a book of maps.
  2. The ratio of the distance on a map to actual distance is known as the scale of the map.
  3. On a map, high mountains are shown in dark brown.
  4. On a map, the use of the color blue shows water bodies.
  5. Shapes or signs used to represent features on a map called symbols.
  6. On a map drawn to a scale of 1 centimeter: 100 kilometers, a distance of five centimeters on the map means an actual distance of 500 kilometers.
  7. If the north is at the top of a map, the west is to the left.

Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers – Match the columns

  1. Arrow marked N on map ⇒ (C) North
  2. 1 centimeter: 1 kilometer ⇒ (D) Map Scale
  3. Plains ⇒ (A) Green

  4. ⇒ (E) Boundary between two countries
  5. ⇒ (B) BridgeClass 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers

Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers

  1. A globe is an accurate way to represent the Earth. However, we generally use a map rather than a globe to study the Earth. Why?

    Answer: Maps are much more convenient to use than globes.

  2. A map of the Earth will have errors in the shape and size of places shown on the map. Why is that so?

    Answer: Because Earth’s surface can’t be flattened out and shown accurately.

  3. How is direction usually shown in maps?

    Answer: North is shown on the map as an arrow marked N. If the north is at the top, the south is at the bottom, east is to the right, and west to the left.

    North-east lies between north and east.
    North-west lies between north and west.
    South-east lies between south and east.
    South-west lies between south and west.

  4. What do you understand by the term ‘scale of a map’?

    Answer: A scale of a map is the ratio of the distance shown on the map to the actual distance between the places.

  5. Which standard colors are used in maps?

    Answer: Water bodies are shown in blue. Mountains and highlands are shown in brown and yellow. Plains are shown in green.

    Deep waters – Deep blue.
    Shallow waters – Light blue
    High mountains – Dark brown
    Lower mountains and hills – Light brown and yellow.
    Plains and lowlands – Green.

  6. What are the symbols?

    Answer: Symbols are the shapes and signs used to represent the features and places on a map.

Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers – MCQs

  1. Which of these maps will always have some errors?
    (A) Map of your house
    (B) Map of your school
    (C) Map of your neighborhood
    (D) Map of the world
  2. What does a political map show?
    (A) Feature such as mountains, plains, and rivers.
    (B) Roads, railways and airline routes
    (C) Boundaries of countries, states, and important cities.
    (D) Number of seats won by political parties in an election.
  3. On a map, 1000 km is shown as 1 cm. The scale of the map is:
    (A) 1000 km: 1 cm
    (B) 1 cm: 1000 km
    (C) 100 km: 1 cm
    (D) 1 cm: 100 km
  4. Blue color in a map always shows:
    (A) plain land
    (B) hills
    (C) water bodies
    (D) marshy land
  5. Which of these symbols represents a boundary between countries?
    Correct Answer: (B)
    Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers

Class 5 SST Chapter 2 Question Answers – Extra questions

  1. What are the elements of a map?
    Answer: Directions, scale, color, symbols, etc are the elements of a map.

  2. What are the types of maps?
    1. Political Map – shows the boundary of the countries, state, important cities, etc.
    2. Physical Map – Shows the natural features such as mountains, rivers, and plains.
    3. Other maps show crops, minerals, rainfall, roads, railways, airline routes, etc.

  3. What is a map?
    Answer: Drawing of the Earth’s surface, or a part of it, on a flat surface is called a map.

  4. What are the shortcomings of a globe?
    1. It is difficult to carry a globe everywhere.
    2. It is not possible to see all the parts of the Earth’s surface at the same time.
    3. It cannot show detailed information.

  5. What is cartography?
    Answer: The Science of making maps is called cartography.

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