Class 7 Social Science Test

Class 7 Social Science Test

Class 7 Social Science Test

History Test ( 20 questions, 40 marks, 80 mins)
1. What types of towns were there in the medieval time period?
2. What were the features of Thanjavur?
3. What were the features of Surat?
4. What was special about Hampi?
5. How tribal communities were different than settled communities?
6. How was the life of Banjaras?
7. What were the unique features of Ahoms?
8. What was the administrative division of the Gond Kingdom?
9. What was the shifting cultivation?
10. Name two important tribes from the northwestern part of the subcontinent?
11. How did the Varna System change into Jati System?
12. What were the factors responsible for the decline of the Mughals?
13. What was the impact of the invasion by Nadir Shah in 1739?
14. What were the common features of Hyderabad, Bengal, and Awadh?
15. How did the Marathas grow in power? (70 – 80 words)
16. Why was Khalsa formed by Guru Gobind Singh?
17. What was revenue farming and what was the role of moneylenders in this system?
18. Name the important Rajput kingdoms and their capital cities?
19. What types of new kingdoms emerged after 1707?
20. Who were nomadic pastoralists?

Civics Test
1. How are technology and Media related?
2. How are money and media related?
3. What is the role of media in a democracy?
4. What do you understand by a public protest?
5. What is the importance of a balanced report?
6. Should we have censorship on media?
7. How does media set an agenda among the public?
8. What is the difference between a social advertisement and a commercial advertisement?
9. Why would you like to visit a weekly market?
10. What are the advantages of the shops in the neighborhood?

11. Which market type can be called a market everywhere?
12. What is the meaning of wholesale and retail?
13. Write the steps of Shirt Manufacturing in brief.
14. Write two positives and two negatives of a putting-out system for weavers?
15. How is a cooperative helpful for weavers?
16. What is the meaning of export and import?
17. What is the meaning of profit and loss?

Geography Test
1. Why is the garden in your school not an example of natural vegetation?
2. What kinds of trees are found in a hot and dry area?
3. What is the difference between evergreen and deciduous forests?
4. What are the factors that affect the vegetation of any region?
5. What types of animals are found in the higher latitude areas?
6. What is the difference between mid-latitude and low-latitude?
7. What is the main feature of evergreen forests?
8. What is a settlement and how do we classify settlements?
9. How does the construction of a house depend on the climate of the place?
10. Name two factors that have made communication faster and easier.

11. Why are the trees in tropical forests have hardwood?
12. What is a river basin? Give two examples of river basins.
13. Which of the transport means is suitable for remote and distant areas?
14. What is slash and burn?
15. How is the Amazon river basin going through a change?
16. In which type of areas do we have higher population density?
17. Write 5 unique features of the Ganga Brahmaputra Basin?
18. Write 4 differences between the Amazon river basin and the Ganga Brahmaputra basin?
19. Describe the location of Ladakh?
20. What would you like to see in Ladakh as a tourist?

21. What is the importance of a mountain pass?
22. Write 3 differences between the Sahara Desert and Ladakh?
23. Why do the nomadic tribes of the Sahara keep animals?
24. Why is Ladakh very cold even if it is near the Tropic of Cancer?
25. What are the important features of the rainforests of the Amazon river basin?

Paper Blueprint

Objective Part
MCQs (10 Qs)
True or False (10 Qs)
Fill in the blanks. (10 Qs)
Match the columns. (5 Qs)
1-mark Questions (10 Qs)
10 x 0.5 = 5
10 x 0.5 = 5
10 x 0.5 = 5
5 x 1 = 5
10 x 1 = 10
Subjective Part
2-marks Questions (6 Qs)
3-marks Questions (6 Qs)
5-marks Questions (4 Qs)
6 x 2 = 12
6 x 3 = 18
4 x 5 = 20

Final Exam Syllabus

Civics: (Test on 2 March)
6. Understanding Media
7. Markets Around Us
8. A Shirt in the Market

Geography: (Test on 27 Feb)
6. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
7. Human Environment
8. Human-Environment Interactions 
9. Life in the Deserts

History: (Test on 5 March)
6. Towns, Traders, and Craftspersons
7. Tribes, Nomads, and Settled Communities
8. Devotional Paths to The Divine
9. The Making of Regional Cultures
10. Eighteenth-Century – Political Formations

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