Diwali Vacation Homework

Class 5 Social Studies Diwali Vacation Homework

• Make a list of various modes of transport in our country.
• Take any 10 cities in India and describe what are these cities known for.
• Make a meaningful map of the neighborhood using direction, symbols, colors, etc.
• Perform an activity on block printing. You may print any shape or design.
• Complete the notebook work if has not been completed already.

Note: You may use charts, drawings, video presentations, or any other way of presentation.

Class 7 Social Science Diwali Vacation Homework

Make a presentation on State Government.
• What is constituency?
• Who is an MLA?
• Responsibilities of MLAs.
• Legislative Assembly
• Election Process
• Majority & Formation of Government
• Ruling Party & Opposition
• Council of ministers & Chief Minister
• Debate and Discussion in Legislative Assembly
• Organs of State Government
• Making decisions and Laws.
• Execution of decisions
• Role of the courts
• Any other important feature related to the state Government.
• Take the example of any state government in our country and describe it in brief. (You may take your home state)

Note: You have to complete your netbook by the end of your vacation.

Instructions for the homework:

You may form groups to complete the work but make sure that everyone contributes.

You may use any source of information for collecting the content, but direct copy-pasting is not allowed.

Make sure that you include maximum information in a short and precise way.

You may use drawings, charts, maps, images, role plays, animation videos, or any other possible way of presenting your project work.

Use your creativity and ideas to describe your content.