Basic Mathematics – Decimal Number System

Decimal Number System

  • Most commonly used.
  • Also called as the Hindu-Arabic number system.
  • It is base-10 number system.
  • Ten digits (0 to 9) are used to form all the numbers of the decimal number system.
  • Digits have two types of values in a number.
    • Face Value
    • Place Value
  • Face value is value of the digit itself.
  • Place value of the digits depend upon the positions of the digits in the numbers.

Types of the places and their values in a number

Every place in a number is 10 times more to the immediate right place.
Place Value chart in a number

Various forms to represent any number

Standard form: 1234.5678

Expanded form: 1000+200+30+4+0.5+0.06+0.007+0.0008

Word from: One thousand two hundred thirty four and (point) five thousand six hundred seventy eight ten thousandth.

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