100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams

100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams.
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100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams are the most frequently used idioms in the questions. Idioms are an important part of English in all competitive exams. An idiom is a group of words with a different meaning than individual words. Here is the list of top idioms with their meaning and example uses in sentences.

100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams

  1. Clip one’s wings
    Meaning – To weaken the strength of someone

  2. Cross one’s mind
    Meaning – Suddenly coming into mind

  3. Easy money
    Meaning – Bribe, black money

  4. Draconian law
    Meaning – Extremely severe and strict law

  5. Hard and fast
    Meaning – Definite

  6. Heart to heart
    Meaning – very frankly

  7. An old flame
    Meaning – A lover from the past, A person with a romantic relationship from the past.

  8. Achilles’ heel
    Meaning – A fatal weakness

  9. An armchair job
    Meaning – A job with high income and high comfort

  10. An iron will
    Meaning – Strong willpower

  11. With open arms
    Meaning – Warmly, happily

  12. Look for a needle in a haystack
    Meaning – To search for a thing that is very difficult to locate

  13. Add insult to injury
    Meaning – To make a bad situation worse

  14. Actions speak louder than words
    Meaning – What you do is more significant than what you say

  15. At the drop of a hat
    Meaning – Immediately, instantly

  16. Touch and go
    Meaning – Uncertain

  17. Till the cows come home
    Meaning – for a very long time, for an indefinite amount of time.

  18. Make a beeline for
    Meaning – Go straight to

  19. Up in arms
    Meaning – To be angry

  20. Handle with kid gloves
    Meaning – To treat with extreme care

    (100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams)

  21. Work against the clock
    Meaning – Try to work quickly in a limited time.

  22. Left out in the cold
    Meaning – Ignored

  23. An old head on young shoulders
    Meaning – A young person having more wisdom and experience for his age.

  24. Apple of one’s eye
    Meaning – Very dear or lovable

  25. An olive branch
    Meaning – Sign of peace

  26. Apple of discord
    Meaning – A cause of dispute or quarrel

  27. At sixes and sevens
    Meaning – disorder, Chaotic, unorganized

  28. Blow one’s own trumpet
    Meaning – Self-praise, praising oneself

  29. Bone of contention
    Meaning – Cause or reason of dispute

  30. Bolt from the blue
    Meaning – A sudden and unexpected trouble

  31. Broad daylight
    Meaning – In an open area where things can not be hidden

  32. Burn the candles at both ends
    Meaning – Useless expenses or wasting money

  33. Bury the hatchet
    Meaning – End of enmity, End of hostility, end of animosity

  34. By leaps and bounds
    Meaning – Rapid progress or growth

  35. Castles in the air
    Meaning – Day-dreaming, imagination

  36. Crocodile’s tear
    Meaning – Fake display of grief or faking the sadness

  37. Count chickens before they are hatched
    Meaning – To anticipate profit beforehand

  38. Dig one’s own grave
    Meaning – Doing something that harms oneself

  39. Double-edged sword
    Meaning – Something that harms oneself as well as the others

  40. Eat one’s words
    Meaning – Admitting that the prediction was wrong

    (100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams)

  41. Flog a dead horse
    Meaning – To waste one’s energy on something

  42. Hen-pecked husband
    Meaning – Admirer of wife in a servile manner

  43. Go broke
    Meaning – become bankrupt

  44. Down in the dumps
    Meaning – Unhappy, depressed

  45. Keep the pot boiling
    Meaning – To keep going on actively

  46. Man in the street
    Meaning – A common man

  47. Oil someone’s hands
    Meaning – To give bribe to someone

  48. On the wrong side of (Age number)
    Meaning – Age being more than
    Example: Hari is on the wrong side of 30. (Hari is more than 30 year old)

  49. Pocket an insult
    Meaning – To bear an insult

  50. Scratch one’s head
    Meaning – To be worried or perplexed

    (100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams)

  51. Snake in the grass
    Meaning – Hidden enemy

  52. Tool in the hands of
    Meaning – Being under the control or authority of another.

    (100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams)
100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams
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You have learnt 100 Common Idioms for Competitive Exams. Also read about Subject Verb Agreement.

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