Animal-Sound Pairs for Logical Reasoning are very helpful for analogy and other reasoning questions.

Animal-Sound Pairs for Logical Reasoning

Animal-Sound PairExample
Dog – BarkA dog is barking.
Duck – QuackDucks are quaking.
Snake – HissSnake is hissing.  
Jackals, wolves – HowlJackals and wolves were howling yesterday.
Owl – HootOwl hoots at night
Donkey – BrayDonkeys are braying with happiness.
Nightingale – WarbleNightingale warbling is very sweet.
Frog – CroakFrogs croak on rainy nights.
Camel – GruntA camel grunts.
Wolf – HowlWolves make a howling noise during the night.
Sheep – Bleat
Goat – Bleat
Giraffe – Bleat
Sheep started bleating loudly.
Mosquitos – WhineMosquitos whined in the ears.
Lion – RoarLion roar is generally very loud.
Horse – SnortA horse snorts.
Rooster/Cock – CrowCocks crow early in the morning.
Cow – MooA Cow moos for its calf.
Bee – Buzz/hum
Fly – Buzz
Hornet – Buzz
A Bee buzzes.
Cat – Mew/MeowA Cat mews.
Cricket – Chirp
Grasshopper – Chirp
Locust – Chirp
Cricket makes a chirping noise.
Crow – Caw
Raven – Caw
Rook – Caw
Crows caw.
Eagle – ScreechEagle makes a screeching noise.
Elephant – TrumpetThe elephant makes a loud trumpeting noise.
Mouse – Squeak
Rabbit – Squeak
Mouse squeaks at night.
Hyena – LaughHyenas make laughing sounds to interact.
Monkey – ScreamMonkey screams and jumps on branches of trees.
Pigeon – CooPigeons coo to communicate with each other.