Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 16 Question Answers

Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 16 Question Answers cover book exercise questions in a simplified and precise way. Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 16 Question Answers are easy to understand and learn for exams.
#Sending Messages

Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 16 Question Answers

A. Write T for true and F for false sentences.

1. In the olden days, people sent messages through sparrows. False
2. The courier service offered by post offices in India is known as speedpost. False
3. For sending an e-mail, an internet connection is necessary. True
4. Newspapers are the most popular means of mass communication in India. False
5. Television and radio signals can only be received in important cities in India. False

B. Answer the following questions.

1. Name the different ways of sending messages through post offices.
: Ordinary post, speedpost, registered post, etc.

2. What is the advantage of speed post over ordinary postal delivery?
Letters sent through speedpost take less time than ordinary postal delivery.

3. Why are telephones such a popular means of communication today?
Because telephones are the fastest and the most convenient means of sending spoken messages.

4. You have just completed painting a picture and want your father to see it. But your father is in another city. Which method of communication can you use?
E-mail, smartphone, fax, etc. can be used for sharing pictures.

5. What do you understand by mass media?
Mass media are the means of communication that share information with a large number of people at the same time. Newspapers, radio, tv, etc. are some examples of mass media.

6. How do satellites help in sending television signals?
: Television signals can be sent from one part to another part of the world very easily through satellites.

7. Write about the latest means of communication like e-mails, cell phones, and smartphones.
The latest means of communication are very convenient. They have made communication effective, efficient, and very fast.

C. Multiple choice questions.
  1. Messages sent through computers connected to the internet are called
    (A) fax
    (B) e-mail
    (C) speedpost
    (D) SMS
  2. The fastest way to communicate is through
    (A) telephone
    (B) e-mail
    (C) newspapers
    (D) letters
  3. Smartphones can be used to
    (A) make phone calls
    (B) send e-mail
    (C) listen to music
    (D) all of these
  4. Which of these is considered mass media?
    (A) newspapers
    (B) Television
    (C) Radio
    (D) all of these
  5. Important events can be shown live on television because
    (A) TV stations are present all over the world
    (B) TV signals are sent through electric wires
    (C) TV signals are sent through satellites
    (D) TV signals can travel around the world

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