Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 18 Question Answers

Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 18 Question Answers cover book exercise questions in a simplified and precise way. Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 18 Question Answers are easy to understand and learn for exams.

Class 4 Social Studies Chapter 18 Question Answers

A. Match the columns.
1. Battle of Kalingab. Emperor Ashoka
2. Dohase. Kabir
3. Fought against the practice of satid. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
4. Zend Avestac. Parsis
5. Qurana. Muslims
B. Name the founders of the following religions.

1. Jainism: Vardhamana Mahavira
2. Sikhism: Baba Guru Nanak
3. Islam: Prophet Mohammad
4. Christianity: Jesus Christ
5. Buddhism: Gautama Buddha
6. Zoroastrianism: Zoroaster

C. Answer the following questions.

1. Name three holy books of the Hindus.
(1) Vedas
(2) Ramayana
(3) Bhagwad Gita

2. Name two religious leaders who helped people understand the Hindi religion.
(1) Adi Shankaracharya
(2) Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati

3. What was the condition in Arabia at the time of Prophet Mohammad? How did he try to improve it?
Arabs were fighting with each other at the time of Prophet Mohammad.
He spread the message of love, peace, and brotherhood to improve the condition.

4. Who founded Christianity? What were his teachings?
Jesus Christ founded Christianity.
He taught people to love god and all other people. He also emphasized the importance of forgiveness.

5. Who is called a social reformer?
A social reformer is a person who fought against the evil practices of society and worked to improve society.

6. What evils of society did Kabir fight against?
Kabir fought against the caste system and the rituals of society.

7. Why did Emperor Ashoka give up wars?
Ashoka became very sad to see thousands of dead and injured soldiers. So, he gave up wars.

8. Why is Akbar remembered as a great ruler?
Akbar respected all religions and gave attention to the welfare of people.
He also encouraged art, music, and literature.

9. Give examples to prove that mathematics, astronomy, and medicine were well-developed sciences in ancient India.
– The decimal system of numbers was developed in India.
– Ayurveda system of medicine was also developed in India.
– The study of stars and the solar system was also well-developed.
– Surgery was also performed in ancient India.

D. Multiple choice questions.

1. Who among these was a spiritual teacher?
(A) Gautama Buddha
(B) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(C) JC Bose
(D) Aryabhata

2. Which of these is a holy book?
(A) Zend Avesta
(B) Gita
(C) Quran
(D) All of these

3. A social reformer:
(A) teaches about religion
(B) works for the growth of arts and science
(C) works to change the evils in society
(D) works for peace

4. Which social reformer gave his message in the form of dohas?
(A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(B) Kabir
(C) Ramabai Ranade
(D) All of these

5. Which famous king gave up war and became a follower of Buddha?
(A) Ashoka
(B) Akbar
(C) Krishnadeva Raya
(D) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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