Class 5 Science Chapter 2 Question Answers

Class 5 Science Chapter 2 Question Answers cover the book exercise in a simplified and precise way. Class 5 Science Chapter 2 Question Answers are easy to understand and learn for exams.

Class 5 Science Chapter 2 Question Answers

1. Answer the following questions briefly.

a. What difference do you find in the skin of a camel and a polar bear?

b. Why do water plants have leaves with a waxy surface?

c. What is adaptation?
: Adjustment to the environment is called adaptation.

d. Why is it necessary for a plant or an animal to adapt?
: Adaptation is necessary for survival.

e. How do desert plants check the loss of excess water?

f. Why do frogs have streamlined body?
: Frogs have streamlined bodies so that they can cut through the water.

g. Why do ducks have webbed feet?

h. Name an animal that lives both on land and in water.

i. Why is a camel called the “ship of the desert”?
: A camel can go without food and water for days. A camel can also walk easily in deserts.

j. Why do birds migrate?
: Birds migrate in search of warmer places and food during winter.

2. Name an animal in each case:

a. Breathes through gills: Fish
b. Has webbed feet: Frog
c. Uses flippers to move about: Penguin
d. Lizard which changes its colors: Chameleon
e. Which hibernates: Polar Bear

3. Name a plant in each case:

(i) Which floats on the surface of water:
(ii) Which remains completely in water:
(iii) Which has sunken stomata:
(iv) Which is evergreen:
(v) Which has leaves and flowers on the surface of water and the plant is attached to the ground:

4. What do you understand by the following terms:

(i) Habitat:
(ii) Environment:
(iii) Hibernation:
(iv) Migration:
(v) Evergreen:

5. Underline the odd one in the following:

(i) Lotus, Hydrilla, Hyacinth, Rose
(ii) Cedar, Cactus, Pine, Fir
(iii) Polar Bear, Tiger, Penguin, Yak

6. Give reasons for the following:

a. Fishes have gills.
b. Frogs have webbed feet.
c. Birds have hollow bones.
d. Chameleon changes the color of its body.
e. Polar bear has a layer of fat under the skin.
f. Cacti have drunken stomata.
g. Lotus leaves have a waxy surface.
h. Pine tree has needle-shaped leaves.
i. Birds have strong chest muscles.
j. Camel has a hump on its back.

7. Write T for the true statements and F for the false ones.

a. Penguins live comfortably in cold and hot regions. False
b. A tiger camouflages itself well well in grassland. False
c. Fishes have streamlined body and can cut across water easily. True
d. Camels can walk easily on rocky mountains. False
e. A polar bear migrates to warmer places in winter. False

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