Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 12 Question Answers

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 12 Question Answers include complete exercise and extra important questions from the Living longer and Healthier Lives chapter. Answers are precise and easy to understand.

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 12 Question Answers
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Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 12 Question Answers

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 12 Question Answers

A. Mohan is not well. What instrument or medicine should be used in the following situations?

1. Mohan’s mother feels his body is warm and wants to see if he has a fever:
Clinical Thermometer.

2. The doctor wants to listen to Mohan’s heartbeat to find out what disease he has:

3. After examining Mohan, the doctor is not certain what disease he is suffering from, she takes a sample of his blood and wants to examine it:

4. She suspects that there is a problem with one of the internal organs, and wants a picture of the organ taken:

5. The doctor thinks Mohan is suffering from a bacterial infection. What medicine will she give?

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 12 Question Answers

1. What does a doctor use a stethoscope for?
: Doctors use a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat and breathing of a patient while examining the patient.

2. What is a microscope? How does it help in finding out what disease a patient is suffering from?
: A microscope is a device that magnifies tiny objects and makes them look much larger. The microscope helps in identifying the types of germs. Then suitable medicines are given to kill the germs causing various diseases.

3. What are scanners used for?
: Scanners are used to get images of bones and internal organs.

4. How does anesthesia help in surgery?
: Anesthesia makes the patients unconscious before the operation so that the patients don’t feel the pain.

5. Why is the discovery of antibiotics considered to be an important milestone in the development of medicine?
: Antibiotics are used to cure many bacterial diseases like tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, etc. Many human lives were saved after the discovery of antibiotics.

6. How is a vaccine different from medicine?
: Medicines cure bacterial diseases but vaccines can prevent the diseases from occurring.

7. How did Jenner discover the smallpox vaccine?
: Edward Jenner, an English doctor, observed that people with mild disease cowpox did not suffer from smallpox. So he injected the germs of cowpox into the body of a boy. These germs worked as antibiotics for the smallpox germs. So, Jenner used this information for discovering the vaccine for smallpox.

8. What was Louis Pasteur’s important contribution to the field of medicine?
: Louis Pasteur discovered the process of killing germs by boiling and then rapid cooling. This process is known as Pasteurisation. The process helped in curing many diseases.

9. Why was surgery very unsafe 150 years ago? What development made it much safer?
: About 150 years ago, many patients died because of the infections of the wounds after the surgeries.
The Discovery of antiseptics made the surgeries safer as the germs could be killed before and after the surgeries and chances of infections were reduced.

10. What simple rules should you follow to remain healthy?
(1) Eat nutritious food
(2) Keep cleanliness in your surroundings.
(3) Exercise regularly
(4) Get proper treatment when you get sick.

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 12 Question Answers – MCQs

1. Which of these is used to measure body temperature?
(A) Clinical Thermometer
(B) Stethoscope
(C) Microscope
(D) Scanners

2. Which of these processes can be used to see organs from inside the body?
(A) Ultrasound
(B) CAT Scans
(D) All of these

3. To make a patient undergoing surgery unconscious, doctors use
(A) Antibiotics
(B) Vaccines
(C) Antiseptic
(D) Anesthetic

4. The first vaccine to be discovered was against the disease
(A) polio
(B) smallpox
(C) cowpox
(D) tuberculosis

5. With which of these will a doctor clean surgical instruments?
(A) antibiotics
(B) vaccines
(C) antiseptic
(D) anesthetic

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