Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 5 Extra Questions

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 5 Extra Questions

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 5 Extra Questions

Name any five neighboring countries of DRC.
Answer: Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan.

When did DRC get independence from Belgium?
Answer: DRC got independence from Belgium on 30 June 1960.

What type of trees are found in the tropical rainforests?
Answer: The tropical rainforests are evergreen forests as the trees are covered with leaves throughout the year. There are a large variety of trees found in DRC. Trees are tall and form a canopy of leaves at the top. Creepers, Climbers, Shrubs grow under these tall trees.

Describe the geography of DRC?
Answer: Most of the DRC is covered by the Congo river basin (plain). There are high mountains in the eastern edges of the DRC and plateaus in the south and southwest region.

What are the modes of transport used in DRC?
Answer: Cities of DRC are connected with rail and roads. And people also use waterways in Congo and other rivers for transport.

Describe the pygmies.
Answer: There are about 200 tribes in DRC. The pygmies are a well-known tribe. The pygmies are short in height and wear very few clothes due to the hot and humid climate in DRC.

Which crops are grown in DRC?
Answer: Major food crops that are grown in DRC are cassava, maize, and rice.
Coffee, cocoa, rubber, and cotton are also grown as cash crops.

What are the natural resources that are found in DRC?
Answer: There are vast deposits of copper, cobalt, gold, uranium, and diamonds in southern DRC.DRC has the largest deposit of cobalt in the world.
DRC is also very rich in forest resources and water resources.

What is the canopy in the rainforests?
Answer: Continuous top covering of the trees in the rainforests is called the canopy.

How do the people live in the cities of DRC?
Answer: Only 30% of the DRC people live in the cities. Rich people of the cities live in houses and apartments. They drive cars.
Poor people live in crowded and unhealthy slums.

How many types of species of great apes live in DRC?
Answer: There are three species of great apes that live in DRC. Chimpanzee, Bonobo, and Gorilla. DRC is the only country where Bonobos are found.

What is the other name used for Bonobo in DRC?
Answer: Pygmy or Dwarf Chimpanzee is the other name for bonobos.

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 5 Extra Questions
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Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 5 Extra Questions

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Class 5 Social Studies Extra Questions

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