Class 5 SST Chapter 7 Question Answers from Saudi Arabia – The Land of Hot Sands. Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 7 Question Answers are simplified and precise. Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 7 Question Answers are easy to learn.

Class 5 SST Chapter 7 Question Answers
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Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 7 Question Answers

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 7 Question Answers – True or False.

1. Saudi Arabia has a temperate climate as most of it lies in the Temperate Zone. False
2. Most people in Saudi Arabia are nomads. False
3. Nights in Saudi Arabia are hot. False
4. Sand dunes are hills of sand that remain fixed in their places. False
5. In an oasis, underground water comes up to the surface. True
6. The main income of Saudi Arabia comes from petroleum. True
7. Saudi Arabia has a very modern society. False

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 7 Question Answers – One Word Type.

1. The capital of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh
2. Hills of sand that keep shifting because of strong winds: Sand Dunes
3. Nomads of Saudi Arabia: Bedouins
4. The most important pilgrim center of the Muslims: Mecca
5. The main natural resource of Saudi Arabia: Petroleum

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 7 Question Answers

1. Describe the climate of Saudi Arabia.
Answer: The heat of the sun reaches more in Saudi Arabia. The rainfall is also very less. Hence, the climate of Saudi Arabia is very hot and dry.

2. What kinds of plants grow in the deserts of Saudi Arabia?
Answer: Cacti and small shrubs grow in most parts of Saudi Arabia. People also do the cultivation of wheat, barley, and date palm near the oases.

3. What is a (a) peninsula, (b) oasis?
(a) Peninsula – A piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides is called a peninsula.
(b) Oasis – A place where groundwater comes to the surface in a desert, is called an oasis.

4. What is the importance of oases for the people living in the desert regions of Saudi Arabia?
Answer: Oases are the source of water for the people. They grow wheat and barley in such areas. They also grow date-palms near the oases.

5. Why is Saudi Arabia such a rich country?
Answer: Saudi Arabia has the second-largest petroleum resource in the world. Saudi Arabia exports petroleum. Hence it is a very rich country.

6. Who are Bedouins?
Answer: Bedouins are the local tribal and nomadic people of Saudi Arabia.

7. How did Bedouins traditionally earn their living?
Bedouins earn by selling animals and their products.

8. Why is Saudi Arabia important for the Muslims of the world?
Islam religion was founded in Saudi Arabia. Mecca and Medina are two very important religious places in Saudi Arabia. Mecca is the most important pilgrim center for Muslims.

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 7 Question Answers – MCQs

1. Arabia lies partly in the Tropical Zone and partly in the Temperate Zone. Its climate can best be described as
(A) tropical (hot and wet)
(B) temperate (neither very hot nor very cold)
(C) hot and dry
(D) cold and dry

2. Saudi Arabia is a rich country because
(A) it has a very fertile land
(B) it has huge industries and exports of several products
(C) it has vast deposits of petroleum which are exported
(D) a large number of tourists visit the country every year

3. The official religion of Saudi Arabia is
(A) Hinduism
(B) Islam
(C) Christianity
(D) it has no official religion

4. Which of these is an important pilgrim center for Muslims?
(A) Riyadh
(B) Mecca
(C) Jeddah
(D) all of these

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