Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers
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Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers

1. Why were better roads needed after the invention of the steam engine?
After the invention of the steam engine, vehicles became faster. It is necessary to have hard and smooth roads for faster vehicles.

2. What are the advantages of a modern highway?
AnswerModern highways are mostly straight and broad with many lanes. Vehicles can travel faster for long distances without stopping. Transport becomes faster with the modern highways.

3. Name three major ports of India.
Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai. Other ports – Vishakhapatnam, Cochin, Marmagao, etc.

4. Trace the history of water transport.
Ancient people started using rafts about 10,000 years ago. These rafts were the wooden logs tied together. These rafts were used in transport. With time, these rafts were replaced with boats.

5. What were the advantages of transporting goods by water transport?
(1) Cheaper than road and air transports. (2) Higher load capacity.

6. How did the construction of the Suez Canal affect sea travel from India to Europe?
Traveling through the Suez canal reduced the distance between India and Europe. Because Ships are no longer required to go around Africa to reach Europe.

7. Who was the first to fly an airplane? Describe the first flight.
The Wright brother built and flew the first airplane in 1903. It was called Flyer I and its first flight lasted about 12 seconds for less than 40 meters.

8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of air transport?
Advantages of Air transport: (1) Fasted way of transport (2) Better connectivity between the places. Disadvantages: Most expensive transport

9. What problems have the improvement in road transport caused?
: Improved road transport has caused the problem of traffic. Roads have been congested. Pollution also has increased.

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers – Fill in the blanks 

1. The invention of the steam engine made it possible to replace carts driven by animals.
2. Roads connecting the major cities are called national highways.
3. The first train in India ran Bombay to Thane in 1853.
4. If you were going on a ship from India to France, your ship would pass through the Suez canal.
5. The Wright brothers were the first to fly an airplane.
6. The underground railway for travel within a city is called the metro.

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers – True or False

1. The steam engine was only used for land transport. F
2. The trains running between England and France travel through a tunnel under the seabed. T
3. Almost all the goods exported from India are sent on ships. T
4. Perishable goods are best transported by air. T
5. The Panama Canal links the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. T
6. The steam engine was invented by James Watt. T
7. Most trains and ships today use steam engines. F
8. Improving public transport can reduce congestion on the roads. T

Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 9 Question Answers – MCQs

1. People started using carts driven by animals after the invention of the –
(A) Wheel
(B) Engine
(C) Steam Engine
(D) Electric Engine

2. Which of these have engines?
(A) Buses
(B) Airplanes
(C) Ships
(D) All of these  

3. Which of these is the cheapest method of transporting goods over long distances?
(A) Airplane
(B) Track
(C) Ship
(D) Train

4. While coming from Europe to India by Sea, Ships travel through which canal to reduce the distance?
(A) Panama
(B) Suez
(C) Both Panama and Suez
(D) None of the above

5. The advantage of the Metro is:
(A) Reducing traffic on roads
(B) Reducing air pollution
(C) Reducing travel time
(D) All of these

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