Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution. Question paper carries 50 marks. It covers Chapters 1 to 10. This Solution includes simplified and precise answers to the questions. Go through the Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution and assess your learning.
#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution


1. Suez Canal gives India a short route to
(A) Africa
(B) Australia
(C) Europe
(D) South America

2. Which of these is not used for mass communication?
(A) Television
(B) Cinema
(C) Telephone
(D) Radio

3. The Grasslands of Downs are located in
(A) The Tropical Zone
(B) The North Temperate Zone
(C) The South Temperate Zone
(D) Frigid Zone

4. Which of the following passes through Saudi Arabia?
(A) The Equator
(B) The Tropic of Cancer
(C) The Tropic of Capricorn
(D) The Arctic Circle

5. Most of the population of Greenland lives in
(A) North region
(B) Eastern region
(C) South-western region
(D) North-western region

6. The climate of the Democratic Republic of Congo is
(A) hot and dry
(B) cold and dry
(C) hot and wet
(D) cold and wet

7. If we move away from the Equator, what will be the effect on climate?
(A) It will be hotter
(B) It will be colder
(C) It will remain same
(D) Climate has no relation with the distance from the Equator

8. When the Southern Pole is tilted away from the Sun,
(A) the Northern Hemisphere has summer

(B) the Northern Hemisphere has winter
(C) Both Hemisphere have summer
(D) Both Hemisphere have winter

9. If 2 cm represents 500 km on map, then the ratio scale will be
(A) 500 km : 2 cm
(B) 250 km : 1 cm
(C) 2 cm : 250 km
(D) 1 cm : 250 km

10. Which of the following lies in the Northern Hemisphere?
(A) The Tropic of Cancer
(B) The Equator
(C) The Antarctic Circle
(D) The Tropic of Capricorn

#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

B. Fill in the Blanks.

1. Prime Meridian/Greenwich Meridian divides the earth into the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere.
2. If west is on your right side, then you are facing to the South direction.
3. Days are longer during summer season.
4. Humidity will be higher at the places which are nearer to the sea.
5. The tropical rainforests of DRC are also called Evergreen forests.
6. Southern part of the Greenland is located in the Temperate Zone zone.
7. Sand Dunes are small hills of sand that keep shifting with strong winds.
8. Prairies are located on the western side of the Prime Meridian.
9. Hard and smooth roads make transport faster and easier.
10. Fax Machine is used to send the copies of documents instantly.

#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

C. True or False

1. India is located in the North-Eastern part of the Globe. True
2. Longitudes are parallel to each other. False
3. The days are longer than nights in the spring season. False
4. The climate near the Equator is very hot and dry. False
5. Pygmies live in cities with modern facilities. False
6. Bigger part of the icebergs remains under water. True
7. Thobe is the traditional dress of the women in Saudi Arabia. False
8. Big farms of wheat are called ranches in the Prairies. False
9. Vehicles run faster on paved roads. True
10. Social Networking is the most popular means of mass communication. False

#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

D. Match the Columns.

1. Distance from the Equator
­čí▓ f. Latitude

2. Polar Region
­čí▓ g. Frigid Zone

3. Spinning motion of Earth
­čí▓ h. Rotation

4. Motion of the Earth in the orbit
­čí▓ i. Revolution

5. Very hot and wet climate
­čí▓ j. Torrid Zone

6. Very hot and dry climate
­čí▓ e. Climate of Saudi Arabia

7. Wheat, Barley
­čí▓ d. Agriculture in the Prairies

8. Cocoa, Rubber, Coffee
­čí▓ c. Agriculture in the DRC

9. Wheat, Barley, Date Palms
­čí▓ b. Agriculture in Saudi Arabia

10. Potatoes
­čí▓ a. Agriculture in Greenland

#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

E. One-mark Questions.

1. What is the importance of printing in our lives?
: Books, Magazines, News Papers, etc. are printed with the help of printing. Mass communication became possible due to printing.

2. Why do Indian people go to Saudi Arabia?
(1) For jobs; (2) Indian Muslims also go to Saudi Arabia for offering prayers to Allah. (Haz)

3. Why do trees grow taller in the rainforests?
Plenty of water is always available to the trees in the rainforests. So the trees grow taller.

4. How to control pollution that is caused by vehicles?

(1) By using CNG in our vehicles.
(2) Walking or using bicycles for short distances.

5. Why is the Internet called the Information Superhighway?
The Internet is a fast and efficient way of sending information around the world. Hence, it is sometimes called the Information Superhighway.

#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

F. Two-marks Questions.

1. Why is the Prairies are called the Wheat Basket of the World?
Because of the fertile soil and plenty of water, the Prairies are perfect for wheat production. This region produces so much wheat and it is called the Wheat Basket of the world.

2. How difficult is the life of people in Greenland?
The climate of Greenland is very cold. Most of Greenland is always covered with ice. Nothing grows in the ice-covered region of Greenland. So, the life of the people of Greenland is very difficult.

3. What is the importance of Oases in deserts?
An oasis is the water sources in deserts. It provides water for drinking and agriculture. Wheat, Barley, Date Palms etc. are grown near an oasis.

4. What is satellite communication?
Our Earth is round and it is very difficult to send television and radio signals to the distant places due to the roundness of the Earth.
Signals are first sent to a communication satellite and from the satellite, signals are sent to the various places around the world.

5. How did Saudi Arabia become rich and prosperous despite being a desert area?
Saudi Arabia has vast petroleum resources. Saudi Arabia has also developed petroleum refining, iron, cement and fertilizer industries. Saudi Arabia has used these natural resources very intelligently to benefit the people of Saudi Arabia. Hence, it has become a rich and prosperous despite being a hot and barren desert.

#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

G. Three-marks Questions.

1. What are the benefits of Suez Canal for India?

(1) Distance between India and Europe has reduced to almost half.
(2) Time is saved due to the reduced distance as ships no longer required to move around Africa.
(3) Suez Canal saves money and fuel.

2. How is the life of pygmies in DRC?

Pygmies are nomadic people and they live in temporary camps made of leaves and branches. They get their food by hunting and gathering. Pygmies don’t wear many clothes because of the hot and humid climate.
On special occasions, they wear colorful clothes. They also enjoy singing, dancing and telling stories.

3. How did the lives of people change after having modern facilities in Greenland?

(1) People of Greenland now have settled lives.
(2) Modern facilities like electricity, permanent houses and hospitals have made their lives easy and comfortable.
(3) People can now get education in the schools.
(4) motor boats and motorized-sledges have made the fishing and transport easier for the people.

4. What is a ranch and why do people keep ranches in the Prairies?
A ranch is a big farm used for rearing cattle.

In the hilly areas of the Prairies where the soil is not so fertile, people make ranches and keep animals. Cattle are raised for beef and dairy products.

5. What is traffic and how can we control it?
Movement of people and vehicles is called traffic. Due to congestion and large number of vehicles, traffic jam occurs.

We can control traffic by:
(1) Following traffic rules properly.
(2) Using public transport more.
(3) Avoid using personal vehicles for short distances.

#Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution

Class 5 Social Studies

Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution
Class 5 Social Studies Half Yearly Exam Solution
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