Effects of Gravity in our Lives

Effects of Gravity in our Lives

What is gravity?

Gravity is an invisible force that keeps all the matters/objects/elements together. It is an attraction force between various objects that carries some mass. More the mass, higher will be gravity.
Every object is actually pulling others objects towards it and this force is called the gravitational force or gravity. It is force of mutual attraction.
Gravity depends upon the masses of the objects (m1 and m2) and the distance between these objects (r).
There are so many examples of gravity in our lives.

Gravity is our lives

  • Our earth is revolving around the Sun because of gravity only. All the other celestial bodies in the solar system are bound in the solar system by gravity only.
  • Our atmosphere is bound to the Earth because of the gravity. All the gases are pulled towards the Earth by the Earth. (Gravity)
  • Gravity is responsible for fall of everything back on the Earth.
  • The Moon is also revolving around the Earth because of gravity.
  • Tides in oceans and seas are caused by gravity.
  • Fruits are falling on the Earth due to gravity. Sir Isaac Newton noticed one such fruit (apple) and derived the formula of the gravitational force.
  • Our balance is actually disturbed by gravity.
  • We are sticking to the Earth and not flying in the air because of gravity.
Many more such examples are there that affect our lives.

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