Healthcare Facilities in India and Equality

Healthcare Facilities in India and Equality is the contrasting scenario. On one side in India, we have advancements in medical science, and on the other distribution of these medical facilities is limited in the rural areas.

Healthcare Facilities in India and Equality

  In this article, we will talk about the healthcare facilities in India and will see if these facilities are equally available across India.   To read about various healthcare facilities available in India.     

Are healthcare facilities available to everyone?

In India, we have contrasting situations of health care facilities. Health care facilities are available in the urban areas but in the rural areas, services are not so efficient.

Healthcare facilities in India are clearly not adequately available to everyone due to various reasons.

A large part of our population is
> prone to health-related issues or injuries.
> not able to afford basic amenities.
> not having accessibility to clean water.
> Not having savings or health insurance in case of medical emergencies.
> Not capable of affording private health care facilities.

Public vs Private Health care facilities

> Private facilities are increasing but public services are not.
> Medicines and treatments are too costly in private health care facilities.
> Public health services are neither sufficient nor efficient.
> False practices are also causing trouble to the people.

    People avoid going to the health services because – 
> Public health services are not easily available to them and private services are out of their reach.
> Don’t have sufficient money and their financial conditions get worse.
> They have to face so many problems to avail the facilities.
> Sometimes women are not given importance for the medical treatments.
> Sometimes they are dependent on superstitious ways.
> Many places don’t even have the facilities available to them.

So it is clear that the distribution of healthcare facilities in India is uneven.    

What is our government doing to provide healthcare facilities in India?
Healthcare Facilities in India and Equality
Primary Health Center from Rural India

> Our government is constantly trying to improve the health care system. The government is announcing various schemes to provide health care facilities to everyone.

> Our government is also trying to provide basic amenities to everyone, especially to disadvantaged people.

> Our government is working towards providing clean water, proper sanitation, clean surrounding, etc. in order to achieve overall sustainable development.

So, healthcare facilities in India can be improved by developing a better structure across the country and working on the basic problems.

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