Simplified History of the Earth

Simplified History of the Earth gives brief and precise history of the Earth. It covers important events of the History of the Earth.

How did Earth Change with time?

Formation of the Solar System

According to the Solar Nebula Hypothesis model, The Solar system was formed from a large, rotating cloud of interstellar dust and gases (Hydrogen and Helium) called the Solar Nebula. At the center of the nebula, compression and nuclear fission of hydrogen led to the creation of the sun.

Our Earth is about 4600 million years old. It was formed when dust and gases in the solar system combined and created the planets. Gravity held these materials together and led to the creation of the planets.

Formation of Core and Crust

Earth’s core and crust was formed about 4500 million years ago. Heavy and dense metals settled at the center of the Earth and formed the core. The Core of the Earth is mostly made of Nickel and Iron (Ferrous). In short, the Core of the Earth is made of (nife).

The outside layer of the Earth cooled and solidified to form the Earth’s crust. The Crust is mostly made of Silica and Aluminum (SiAl).

The Intermediate layer of the Earth, Mantle, is made of Silica and Magnesium (SiMa).

First Ocean on the Earth

About 4400 million years ago, The first ocean on the Earth was formed. Water vapour was released to the atmosphere from the volcanic activities. This water vapour cooled down in the atmosphere and converted into water droplets. Water droplets came back on the Earth surface in the form of rain.Water got deposited in the craters on the Earth surface and led to the formation of the first ocean.

Appearance of Life

The first life appeared on the Earth was very simple single-celled organism. About 3850 million years ago, this single cell organism was formed from some mysterious source. This organism lived in the ocean water.