NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Notes cover all the topics in a precise and simplified way. NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Notes are easy to understand and learn for the exams. NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Notes are very useful for a quick revision of the chapter – Understanding Diversity.

NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Notes

NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Notes

What is Diversity

Have you ever thought that why do we have different appearances from others? Why do we have different favorite sports or subjects? Why do we speak different languages?

There are so many ways in which are different from one another. Everyone has different ways of thinking, different interests, and different lifestyles. Diversity means variety or different types of anything. For instance, different types of religions, languages, food items, clothes, etc.

>India is a big country with a huge population.
>We have 28 states and 9 union territories.
>India is the most diverse country in the world.

Various Types of Diversity

Religious Diversity
India is also known by the name of the land of many religions. All the major religions are practiced in India. Many major religions started in India. Anyone in India has full freedom to practice any religion.  

Diversity of languages
There are 22 officially recognized languages and so many major languages in India. There is a variety of languages throughout the country. India is divided into states on the basis of languages for better administration. There is also a variety of newspapers, magazines, etc printed in various languages.  

Variety of Festivals
We have so many occasions to celebrate and spread joy. We celebrate a variety of festivals throughout the year. Each festival has its significance and importance. Various rituals are performed during these festivals. These festivals bring people closer and strengthen the unity of the people in the country.   I will not mention any festival as every festival is important and I don’t want to miss any festival.    

Dressing Styles
Colorful clothes are part of our culture. Different states have different attires. Clothing styles are also dependent upon the climatic conditions and geographical factors of the areas.    

Special food items
Every place has some specialty in food. Spices are an important part of our food. Indians love spicy food. Sweets are also an integral part of the food culture. Every place has some specialty in food items.  

Folk music and dance forms
Singing and dancing are important parts of our lives. We celebrate our festivals with a variety of songs and dance forms. Folk music and folk dance have been integral parts of our culture. Classical dance forms are world-famous art forms from India.  

 There are so many other things where we have a huge variety in India. These are just a few examples that help us understand the diversity in India.

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