NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 7 Notes

NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 7 Notes cover all the important topics in a simplified and precise way. NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 7 Notes are easy to understand and can be is used for quick revision of the chapter – Human Environment – Settlement, Transport, and Communication.

NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 7 Notes


Settlements: Places where people build their homes.
Site: A place where a house is built.

Natural conditions for an ideal site:
(1) Favorable climate
(2) Availability of water
(3) Suitable land
(4) Fertile soil

Transhumance = Seasonal movement of people.
People who rear animals move in search of new pastures according to changes in seasons.

Types of settlements:
(1) Temporary settlements – Occupied for a short period
(2) Permanent settlements – Occupied for a long period

Rural Settlements
Found in Villages where people are engaged in activities like agriculture, fishing, forestry, crafts work, trading, etc.
Rural settlements can be compact (closely packed) or scattered (Spaced over an extensive area).
Compact settlement is generally found in flat fertile areas.
Scattered settlement is generally found in hilly areas, thick forests, and regions of extreme climates.
Houses are built according to climatic conditions.
(1) Heavy rainfall regions – Raised platform and slanted roofs.
(2) Hot Climate regions – Thick mud-walled houses with thatched roofs
Urban Settlements
The towns are small and the cities are larger urban settlements.
Compact and closely spaced houses.
Houses are made of concrete and metals.
People are engaged in manufacturing, trading, and services.


>> Transport is the means by which people and goods move.
>> With the passage of time different means of transport have been developed but people use animals for transport even today.

Means of Transport
Most commonly used for short distances
(Metalled or unmetalled, Subways/under paths, Flyovers.
Quick and Cheap transport for long distances
Cheapest for carrying heavy and bulky goods over long distances.
(inland waterways and sea-routes)
Fastest and most expensive means of transport


Communication is exchange of information, ideas, messages, etc.
Communication has been boosted and made faster by communication satellites.

(1) Individual communication
(2) Mass communication

Internet – The superhighway of information

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