Various Types of Government

In this article, we will learn about various types of government. We have different types of classification of the government system depending upon the distribution of power, levels of powers, the election of the rulers, etc.

Various Types of Government

What is a Government?
A government is a system that governs any organization. This organization can be anything like a community, a state, or a country.
Governing means – (Legislature+Executive+Judiciary)
Legislature – Making the laws and policies.
Executive – Implementing the laws and policies.
Judiciary – Protecting the laws and policies in the organization.

A government works for the welfare and development of the organization it is governing. Every governing system has a set of rules and guidelines called the Constitution.  

Government of India

India is a “Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic” with a parliamentary system of government. India is a union of states with the federal system.

SovereignPossessing absolute power or supreme authority.
SocialistA system where the economic activities are owned by the society instead of private owners.
SecularNot related to any specific religion.
DemocracyCitizens form the government by voting. Rule by the people.
RepublicsAll the governing matters are public and the government is run by the public.
FederalismThe combined form of government where the central or “federal” government work with regional governments.
Union of StatesStates have no freedom to move out of the union.
Various Types of Government

Forms of Government

Forms of Government based on the ruling authority:

AnarchyRule by no one, absence of government
MonarchyRule by a king or queen
AutocracyRule by one person
AristocracyRule by one family
OligarchyRule by a few people
DemocracyRule by the public

Forms of Government based on the levels in the government system:

Union or Unitary government – Union has the power and authority and it controls the states.

The federal government – Delegation of the power and authority to the state levels.

Confederacy – States have more power than the union.

Forms of Government based on the election of the ruling authorities:

Autocratic Government – Single person has unlimited authority.

Democratic Government – Government for the people, by the people, of the people.

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