NCERT Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Notes

NCERT Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Notes from the chapter – Role of the Government in Health. NCERT Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Notes includes all the important in simplified and precise way.

NCERT Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Notes

NCERT Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Notes

What is Health?

Ability to remain free of illness or injuries is health. If a person is healthy, he will be active and in good spirit in whatever he may be doing. Unhealthy person remains dull, inactive or anxious for longer period of time.

Factors responsible for a good health:
➤ Availability of clean drinking water
➤ Hygienic living conditions
➤ Pollution free environment
➤ Adequate nutritious food
➤ Availability of healthcare facilities

What we need to prevent and treat illnesses:

(1) Infrastructure
Health centres, Hospitals, Laboratories for testing, Ambulance Services, blood banks, etc. which can provide required service and care to the patients.

(2) Health Personnel
Doctors, Nurses, other health workers who can advice, diagnosis, treat patients.

(3) Technology
Medicines and equipment that are necessary for the treatment.

Facts on Medical Advancement in India

➤ Largest number of medical colleges in the world.
➤ One of the largest producers of doctors.
➤ Substantial growth in the number of hospital since the independence.
➤ A large number medical tourists visit India.
➤ Third largest manufacturer and a major exporter of medicines.

Health Situation in India

➤ Unavailability of doctors in rural areas.
➤ Number of doctors to population ratio is very less in rural areas.
➤ Every year, about five lakh people die of tuberculosis (TB).
➤ Every year, about 20 lakh malaria cases are recorded.
➤ High percentage of water borne diseases like diarrhoea, worms, hepatitis, etc.
➤ Very high percentage of Indian children being undernourished due to the lack of adequate food.

Medical Advancement vs Real Health Situation

Despite all positive developments, we are not able to provide proper healthcare facilities to people. This is contrary to what we expect.
India has the money, knowledge and people with experience but cannot make the necessary healthcare available to all.

Private Healthcare vs Public Healthcare

Private HealthcarePublic Healthcare
Healthcare facilities provided by individuals, private groups or organisations.Chain of health centres and hospitals run by the government.
Mostly available in the urban areas.Linked together to cover both rural and urban areas.
Costly treatment as their expenses are high and they focus on profit too.Almost free treatment and medicines as it works for the welfare of the people.
Cleanliness and hygiene are maintained.Cleanliness and hygiene are not maintained properly.
Staff is cordial.Staff is not so cordial.
No long waiting queues.Long waiting queues and crowded.
Specialized doctors are always available.Unavailability of specialized doctors.
Sometimes, lack of interest of working.
Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Important Notes
Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Important Notes
Healthcare in India.
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Class 7 Civics Chapter 2 Important Notes

Healthcare and Equality

In India, private services are increasing but public services are not. So the private services mainly available to the people and these services are concentrated in the urban areas. Many people can’t afford the costly private services.
Many incorrect practices are also encouraged to earn more profit. Medical practitioners prescribe extra medicines, injections, and tests.

To afford such an expensive healthcare facilities:
➤ Poor people borrow money
➤ Sell their land or other things.

More than 50% of the population don’t have basic facilities of clean drinking water, hygienic living conditions, adequate food and clean surroundings. So many people are undernourished. Their immunity system is weak. So they are regularly prone to illness.

Healthcare facilities are also available in rural and tribal areas.

All these factors affect the lives of the poor and rural people as the healthcare facilities are not adequately available to them.

How to Improve Health Conditions of the people

➤ Cost in private healthcare should be controlled.
➤ Health personnel in public healthcare should work properly and honestly.
➤ Medicines, medical equipment, health workers should be available in sufficient quantity and quality.
➤ Healthcare should be increased more in the rural areas.
➤ Basic facilities like clean water, hygienic living conditions, nutritious food, etc. should be provided to the people.

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